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Bangalore Factory Visit

At Mansionly, we take ensuring quality very seriously. That’s why our Co-Founders, Divyanshu and Rajat, our Head of Commercial Design, Megha and our Business Development Manager, Richa, paid a factory visit to our execution...


Completed Interiors Of Delhi Residence

The Mansionly team is proud to tell you that we recently completed the interiors of a Delhi residence. And the interiors are everything straight out of a magazine!

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Mansionly Welcomes Barbara Kountzaki

Mansionly team welcomes another expert, international designer onboard. Barbara Kountzaki, from Greece. She is an expert at designing residential, office, hotel and restaurant interiors that are inspired by regular participations in exhibitions and seminars.

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Portugal Designer João Santiago Joins Mansionly

Portugal interior designer, João Santiago joins the Mansionly team on June 12, 2019. João Santiago’s services have been keen to help Firms, Developers and Entrepreneurs to give life to their dream buildings, being private houses, business...


Designer Visial Space Joins Mansionly

Mansionly welcomes another reputed, expert, internal designer on the team, Visial Space. Experts at designing office and commercial spaces, they bring their very own touch of culture to interiors.

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Croatian Designer Andreja Sarić Joins Mansionly

Croatian interior designer, Andreja Sarić, joins the Mansionly team. With emphasis on projects in tourism and hospitality, she holds a specialization in Textile and Clothing Design, and Theory and Culture of Fashion.

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Team Catchup And Lunch

The Mansionly team gets together at Ambience Mall for a scrumptious lunch and team catch-up. The team also got to speak with the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Mansionly, Ashish. An inspiring talk from...


Bangalore Residence Gets Completed

Bringing dream homes alive is something we love doing at Mansionly. This past weekend our expert interior designers completed a Bangalore residence with modern and contemporary interiors. Keeping up with our client’s budget and...