Minimalism, a now-emblematic decor trend, is simply defined as a style that uses pared-down design elements. It started post-World War II Western art, most prominently with American arts in the late 1960s.

Today, it has found its way into the hearts of homeowners across the globe. In a day and time when people don’t hesitate to put up their much-prized homely possessions on display, minimalism comes across as a breathe of fresh air with its penchant for creating “simpler spaces”.

Since not every buyer – irrespective of social standing – is fond of decorating the house with ornate furnishings or has the time or desire to maintain opulent interiors, following the concept of minimalism in home decor is absolutely worth it!

A stunning but minimally designed interior means less furniture, lesser colours and patterns and zero clutter. Minimalist home decoration is an exercise where the person focuses on three major elements – lighting, space and objects.

This type of decorating demands the person to bring down the furnishings to a bare minimum. Minimalism is not about any “fuss”. It is functional yet chic. Therefore, if your decorating mantra is “less is more”, perhaps these four minimalist decor tips from Mansionly designers will be of interest to you:

1) Out with the old, grimy kitchen

A kitchen may be used for a short while every day but it creates the maximum mess in a house! While you must clean this space on a daily basis, it’s best to keep the counter or island clear, remove unnecessary items and apply a fresh coat of paint on the walls.



Stack useful kitchen appliances in cupboards and cabinets; make sure only the most important elements make it to the slab. A kitchen should be functional and ready-for-use. If you don’t want to go ahead with white paint, try off-white to add a subtle hint of warmth in the spaces.

2) Redefine your space in the bathroom

Just like a kitchen, bathrooms also tend to get extremely cluttered over a period of time. Minimalism means living with less. Therefore, empty all the movable contents out of the bathroom. If you have trouble identifying them, simply chuck those which aren’t used by you on a daily basis.


Designed by Madame Architects

Place small and simple mirrors on the wall – the kinds that actually do the job and not overwhelm the space.


Designed by Mayr and Glatzl Interiors

Please don’t keep your hairbrush, razor, deodorant and other essentials on the countertop. Paint the walls a mild colour such as gray or cream. If you want to accessorize, beautify the space with just one element (such as candle holder, flower pot, etc.).

3) Dine chic, dine simple

Decorating a dining room with fancy art, colourful prints and sturdy furniture is fun activity. But if you visualize minimal adornment in the area, then make sure your dining room simply comprises a table and chairs and maybe a simple shelf to display of a handful of vases or decorative accessories.


Designed by Claudia Pelizzari

Emphasize on the lighting too. Opt for wall-to-ceiling french windows and instead of traditional curtains, use blinders to cover them up! Let the natural light illuminate the entire space.


Designed by Rasztawicki Architekci

If you can, hang an imposing chandelier from the ceiling. We agree this accent isn’t exactly minimal or simple but because a chandelier is so versatile that it can easily blend with the interior design and make a stylish impact.

On a lighter note: having a minimalist dining area doesn’t mean your meals have to be frugal too. Dine like royalty!

4) Create a sanctuary in your bedroom

A minimalist interior design is devoid of excesses which means anything that you don’t need, except for the purpose of aesthetics, is extra. Therefore, it is important to ensure that whatever decor arrangement you make, especially in the bedroom, is functional but comfortable.


Designed by Pia Reger

For instance, if you go with a monochrome scheme in the space, set a small side table and a practical lamp, make your bed as plush and cozy as possible. Please also use space-saving furniture such as foldable tables that can create an open space whenever possible.

What are your thoughts, dear readers?

Apart from this, minimalism is the easiest trend to follow when the festivities are around the corner and there’s no time for big renovations. Exactly! Who wouldn’t want to celebrate the festivities in a neat and clean house comprising just the essentials?

Therefore, de-clutter your living spaces and make them airy with minimalist decor.

If you are seek design inspiration for Diwali or otherwise, please check out the fabulous works of our designers at Mansionly. You will not be disappointed!

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