A bedroom is that exclusive part of the house where you spend most of your time whenever you are home. That space is “yours”. It is private. This is the reason why you may often end up not focusing on prettifying your bedroom because at the end of the day, if it reflects your personality, you are happy with the way it looks.

But here’s the thing – sometimes you have to rejig the decor and let fresh energies flow in your slumber zone. And what better than the last leg of the year to take on a home project? With major festivals such as Diwali and Halloween in the pipeline, the influx of people visiting your home is going to increase. There is so much to look forward to!

Therefore, why not shake things up a bit and give your bedroom a whole new look? Moreover, our fabulous designers at Mansionly firmly believe it makes sense to invest a bit of your time to create a relaxing retreat. They have listed 7 handy tips for you:

1) Choose an impactful colour to paint those walls

This is one tip that can’t be ignored. The colour of the bedroom walls literally dictate the way the rest of the decor comes together. It has the power to make your bedroom look cozy or cold, cluttered or spacious and happy or depressing. So select a colour that has a perennial appeal such as yellow or mauve. Paint the wall adjacent to the bed with a textured wall paint to give a sense of variety to the bedroom.

Klunehochv Architecture-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Design by Klunehochv Architecture

2) Keep big furniture pieces at a minimum

If you want more space to walk around or don’t want to keep the area too cluttered, then we would suggest you to place basic furniture such as a bed, a chest of drawers or a dressing table, side tables and modular cabinets. This arrangement will make your bedroom look more neat and clean.

Ravi Vazirani-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Ravi Vazirani

Of course – if the space allows you can build a reading nook in your bedroom by using a throw, soft pillows and a lounge chair!

3) Throw in plush cushions and lounge pillows

It is your bedroom. You have the liberty to create a space so comfortable that you cannot even imagine! These soft, cushiony accessories spread a sense of warmth in the bedroom. Doll them up in covers that go really well with the rest of the room’s decor scheme and achieve a relaxed look!

Gayatri Wibisono-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Gayatri Wibisono

4) Boost the chic appeal with attractive linens

Instill fresh vibes in the bedroom by taking a simple step – rehash your linen collection for the bedroom. Opt for a variety of linen and experiment with colours, patterns and textiles to ensure a consistently positive and lively mood in the bedroom.

Rubel Dhuna-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Rubel Dhuna

Mix and match. Go for monochrome designs or opt for something more specific such as Indian ethnic. Furthermore, there are so many textiles to choose from – silk, cotton, nylon, etc. We suggest you should select cotton as it doesn’t get wrinkled easily and is easy maintain.

5) Pick a comfortable mattress for yourself

While layering up the bed with the right linen accents is important, picking the right kind of mattress is equally important! Everything in your bedroom should add a comfy appeal to the space. So it is a good idea to replace the old mattresses with new ones.

Rohit Bhoite-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Rohit Bhoite

But if you are looking to derive inspiration from hotel rooms, then stop. The mattresses used in hotels are super soft and bouncy. Look for the right kind of sleeping mattress for yourself!

6) Decorate the floor with pretty rugs

In the bedroom you want to feel the rug on your feet when you get out of the bed, isn’t it? A rug can set the tone for your entire space if you choose the right piece! You can also place a rug under any furniture piece in the room.

Ramon de Abadal-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Ramon de Abadal

7) Beautify the space with stunning accessories

Brighten up your bedroom with gorgeous mirrors. The easiest way to add sophistication to the overall look and feel of your room is through mirrors. Plus, these accessories also make the room look more spacious. If you are a lover of art, then let that show!

Gayatri Wibisono 1-bedroom-decor-design-mansionly

Photo by Gayatri Wibisono

Arrange an array of pretty artworks on the feature wall. If you love greenery, place a line of pots and planters on the window sill.

Wrapping up

If you feel comfortable and welcome in your bedroom on following any of these tips, then we have done a good job with this blog. After all – you deserve a spot that is restful, calm yet stylish in your own house! But if you feel you can do with a little more inspiration, dive into the attractive portfolios of the Mansionly designers.

We are sure you will find something perfect for your bedroom. If there are other stirring decor ideas you have stumbled upon, do share with us. We are all ears.

Posted by:Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Features Writer at Mansionly.

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