When one thinks of wicker, a sun-kissed porch alongside a lush garden comes to mind. Earthy, raw and comfortable – these words perfectly epitomize this woven fabric. Typically made from the tough core of the rattan vine, wicker is an ancient method originated from basket weaving.

In fact, the use of wicker dates back to pharaoh Tutankhamun’s time! It is said no Egyptian home was complete without numerous cabinets, boxes and stools made from papyrus and wicker. Then came the Romans who took inspiration from the Egyptians and further spread the use of the woven fabric.

By the 17th century, wicker was predominantly being used in Northern Europe to create baby-related furniture such as bassinets, cribs and low-sung nursing chairs and high-backed chairs that were favoured by the elderly.


The popularity finally took on to the eastern parts of the world by late 18th century. It became an ideal material in tropical locations such as India as it neither cracked or warped in the heat or humidity. Today, wicker is considered to be a more hygienic, comfortable and breathable material than solid wood.

No matter if the furniture pieces or decor accents are in shades of white or natural brown, wicker has seriously evolved from being vintage chic to a timeless element in home styling. It continues to appeal as a material and if you would also like to inject its casual character in your homes, perhaps you should try out these 5 nifty decor tips listed by our global designers:

1) Perk up your bedroom

Infuse warmth in the most private room of your house with little pieces of furniture in wicker. Stools, coffee tables and settees can set a scene of comfort and glamour in your bedroom. Another contemporary way to sport wicker in the room is on the floor.



Remember how we mentioned it is a completely breathable material? That’s right! That makes it a phenomenal find for the base of the bedroom. If you find a wicker rug or mat in the market, buy it. You can place it on the floor in the bedroom or in the bathroom.



2) Furnish your relaxation zone

There is always a corner in the house which is just for you. It is where you kick up, curl up in a book or just enjoy a steaming cup of tea. That is your “zone”. Everyone has one in their homes. If you have been meaning to re-decorate that space and make it more visually delightful, now is the perfect time.


All you have to do is place a table and a well-cushioned chair made of wicker. It is practical and the overall setting can be easily maintained. If you don’t want a conventional table, opt an accent table instead. It is a perfect furniture piece to rest your teacup on a lazy sunday afternoon!

3) Spruce up your dining area

Create an elegant dining room setting with this woven furniture. Choose a sophisticated dining table made of wicker and glass for your home. Speaking from the point-of-view of maintaining it, wicker is the easiest fabric to clean. You can be rest assured your dining table will hardly ever lose its sheen.


Complement this piece of furniture with solid wood chairs. If you want to maintain uniformity in the dining room, then put on a proud display of wicker chairs. Go simple yet be classy – that should be your wicker mantra!

4) Prep up the living area

Bring out the earthiness in your living room with always-in-vogue wicker furniture. Artistically display wicker-made sofas, poufs and coffee tables to impress your guests! Don’t go overboard with the use of wicker; otherwise the space will look bland. Keep the decor versatile with potted plants, colourful rugs and hanging lanterns.


5) Introduce charm in the outdoors

Close your eyes and think of wicker. What do you see? A garden area adorned by wicker furniture! This woven fabric is the perfect blend of beauty and strength and hence, it makes such an ideal addition to the outdoors.


Wicker is raw yet urbane and would instantly zing up your patio – if that’s where you choose to place a sofa set made of wicker. If you want to make the space look inviting yet comfortable, you can never go wrong with wicker!

A fan of wicker yet?

Wicker and interior design go hand-in-hand. The better you take care of wicker, the longer it will stay with you. If you are not sold by the idea of having wicker in your home, it is okay. There are many other materials that you can have in your house such as solid wood (maple, oak and mahogany) and plywood.

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