A self-taught Indonesian artist – Gayatri Wibisono has been dabbling into interior decoration & designing since her childhood. After working as a litigation lawyer at a prominent law firm in Jakarta for several years followed by a brief stint in the corporate sector, Gayatri finally decided to pursue her love for interior designing. She took the plunge in 2008 by leaving her job and completely dedicating herself to the new role.

Soon after, she founded her self-styled interior decor brand “GayaLiving by Gayatri”. She caters to a varied kind of clientele – celebrities, residential areas, offices, cafes, boutiques, etc. In April 2017, she launched her first book on interior design “Easy Retreat Style – The Sense of Comfort Living”.


Currently, her production line and her new book are keeping her really busy. We at Mansionly were elated when we got an exciting opportunity to interview her over one weekend. Soft spoken and humble – Gayatri was a delight to chat with! Here are a few excerpts:

1) You realized your true calling for interior designing at a young age. How did it all began?

Interior designing has been my passion since I was a child, and it all started in my own room! I would keeping change the decor of my bedroom, and sometimes of my siblings as well. Gradually, I started designing interiors on a very small scale for my school friends and other family members.


It wasn’t long before this hobby turned into a profession. I have been an interior designer for 10 years and it has been a tremendous journey. My family supports me in a big way – especially my husband, who doesn’t get surprised anymore when I change the decor of the house frequently, and of course, my three daughters.

2) What’s your approach towards every project you undertake?

My interior designs have a lot of heart and the clients who I work with appreciate that. Although I emphasize on luxury designs, I still make sure the space looks homely. I follow sophisticated aesthetics that are easy to achieve, functional and comfortable.

As soon as I walk into an empty room, I let my imagination soar. For me – every single room is a place where I can perform my little experiments with creative freedom.

3) You released an interior decoration book “Easy Retreat Style – The Sense of Comfort Living” – and it received favourable reviews. Can you tell us about it?

This book is very close to my heart. My eldest daughter, who is a published author, helped them launch it. This is a book for anyone and everyone who is willing to or looking to design their own homes.

Gayatri-Back Cover-interior-designer-mansionly

Rather than leading the reader into a maze of in-depth discussions on art, academic theory, history or analysis of decor designing through my projects, I have chosen a more direct & non-technical approach in this book to inspire them to renovate and experiment on their homes on their own.


Gayatri at the book launch.

The chapters in the book are divided according to major living spaces – the bedroom, the living room, the dining room, kitchen, terrace & foyer. Each chapter is replenished with plenty of beautifully detailed photographs of accessories, furniture & artworks used in each room.

For me, interior designing is about creating a living space – a place to live & enjoy life, and that’s what I have tried to bring out in this book.

4) What are your thoughts on your collaboration with Mansionly?

I think Mansionly is a very interesting idea. It is a one-of-a-kind platform in the world of international design. Mansionly has made it possible for designers and homeowners across the globe to connect and communicate with each other. It’s quite refreshing to see how technology has changed the way we design and how we communicate.


5) Can you throw light on your upcoming projects?

Currently, I am working on the production of my own line of furniture, accessories and appliances that should be live by the end of the year.

6) When not interior designing, how do you spend your leisure time?

I am culturally and artistically inclined and so are my daughters. The four of us have an avid interest in Balinese dancing.


There’s more to this interior designer…

Gayatri gained popularity with her own TV show, “Do It Your Self” with MNC Home and Living Channel in 2014. She has also appeared in several major national Indonesian TV programs such as Metro TV, Net TV and Home Garden TV Singapore. She has also been featured in various magazine publications such as Her World, Elle Decor, Good Housekeeping, Kartini Indonesia.


She currently resides in Jakarta with her husband and three daughters.

Explore her work on Mansionly.

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