Diwali is the not just the “Festival of Lights”, it is a fiesta that celebrates vibrancy across cultures and spreads positivity all around us. Diwali is that event that commemorates the New Year as per Hindu calendar. To all decor enthusiasts and interior designers, this festival offers an excellent opportunity to refresh and decorate houses from scratch.

The festive season of Diwali is less than three months away; and if you are looking to add major festive touches to your home, now is the time to start. Thankfully, our fabulous designers at Mansionly have belted out a bunch of novel decorating tips to help you get started. Please have a look:

1) Re-paint the walls of the house

The fastest way to brighten up the walls of your home is to repaint them; and is there a better occasion that Diwali to get this chore done? There isn’t! Paint a room or an accent wall. Curate a feature wall with eclectic patterns and prints in your living room. Give your home a fresh look this Diwali! Also, please remember to paint the walls outside your home.


Decor tip: If you don’t want to repaint your home, then stick colourful decals or wallpapers in each room. Enliven the walls of your home quickly.

2) Amp up your entryway

Decorating the entrance of the house is important due to increased visits by family members and friends. Since you have a lot of time in hand, replace the old tiles with new ones. Decorate the area with exquisite sculptures or mount an imposing mirror on the wall across the front door.

Another option is to place a row of plants that lead the visitor to the living room. If you want to do something ethnic, place an urli – a decorative metal brass flower pot – in pairs. There are many similar decor-related projects that you can take up. Choose what’s most convenient to you.



Decor tip: When the festival is closer, place traditional lamps made out of terracotta or brass outside the main door. Boost the energy in your entryway.

3) Install different lighting accessories

The Diwali home decor is incomplete without exquisite diyas and lanterns. Thankfully, there are too many options to choose from. From Moroccan-style hanging lights to sculptural lanterns – adorn every corner of your house with various kinds of lighting accessories.



You can even change the bulb holders of your home and go for something modern chic or ethnic – depending upon the theme of your choice. If you are in a dilemma, connect with our global interior designers to seek professional consultation; they will surely help you pick out the right kind of accessories for your home.

4) Perk up the space with rich textiles

The Diwali decor calls out for brocade, silk and embroidered textiles that are rich and gorgeous. Phulkari, Suzani and Kantha are different styles of embroidering that are usually found in cushion covers, tabletops and bed covers. Uplift the overall appeal of the space by placing cushion covers in either of these textiles. You can choose from a variety of colours such as red, brown, yellow, blue, etc.



Decor tip: Visit ethnic bazaars in your city to buy hand-crafted accents such as bed and cushion covers. If you want to explore design trends first, visit our website. You will find many attractive options for your home.

5) Invest in new furniture

Home redecoration projects take time; and finding the perfect furniture for your home even more so. Since you plan to redo the decor of your home, why don’t you convince yourself to replace the old furniture as well?

Purchase a fancy Oakwood coffee table or a beautiful Atracio console table to spread a sense of elegance in your living room. The festival of Diwali is incomplete without social gatherings. Buy spellbinding bar cabinets and chairs for your guests.



Decor tip: If you don’t want to buy new furniture, change their placement in the house. Inter-change the sofas in your living room and bedroom. Move the unused console table in your bathroom and place it in the hallway, where it can be put to better use.

6) Spruce up your garden

If you have plans to host social gatherings in your garden during the festive season, then please spend some time creating a striking decorated green space. Hang metal lanterns or bronze ornaments from the trees. Place eye-catching sculptures and huge plants across the area. You can even opt for casual wicker furniture in warm shades of brown to create a seating arrangement in the garden.

Wrapping up

Diwali is a vibrant festival. Therefore, allot a theme to every room of your house. Use different patterns, prints and colours to decorate the space! Explore various interior designing trends and study works of global designers and decorators for inspiration. Most importantly, take your time to revamp your home.

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