Wings chairs have always had a prominent place in homes since the late 17th century. This piece of furniture is often called the “easy chair” or a “grandfather chair”. The original and the most popular area in the house to place wing chairs was the fireplace.

In fact, this location is the very reason why wing chair designs are the way they are! A wing chair ends at the arm and the over-sized wings are close to the sitter’s upper body.  These wings shield the sitter from the heat emanating from the fireplace.

That’s how these seats got their name!


Nonetheless, a wing chair has a timeless stance. It doesn’t matter whether you place them beside the fireplace or in your private den. These striking furniture pieces bring out of the best of every house. If you are looking to spread a dash of comfort and luxury in your humble abode, wing chairs have got your back.

Delight your dining area

There is no hard and fast rule about the ideal number of wing chairs one should place in a specific setting. For instance, place a wing chair at the opposite ends of a dining table. This is a very classy and sophisticated arrangement.

The wing chairs command the respect of the two persons who sit on them and infuse a sense of luxury in the dining area. Please note: the wing chairs are heavier than the usual dining chairs. A person has to pick up and move these seats a little every time he or she sits or gets up.

Style your bedroom and private den

A bedroom usually doesn’t leave much room about the furniture. But it does leave unusual corner spaces that hard to fill. A wing chair provide a solution to that problem! You can slide it in the corner and convert it into a useful area.


Design by Joel Villegas Alonzo

If you want to place furniture in your private den or workstation, then a wing chair is ideal for you. These imposing seats don’t obstruct the view or spoil the decor. We agree that wing chairs look great in a pair but in cases like these, a single piece also exudes ample charm.

Perk up your living area

Wing chairs are such well-sculpted pieces of furniture that it is hard not to use them in a living room. Place two wing chairs side by side in then room or by the fireplace to create a sense of sophistication and style.

In case of an unused space in the living room, place a single wing chair for the dramatic effect. This piece of furniture will be an instant attraction among your guests!


Design by Claudia Pelizzari

Experiment with colours and accessories

A wing chair should complement other home accents such as lamps, mirrors and rugs, placed in the room. This is important if you want to create a balanced interiors in your room.

Wing chairs are visually-arresting seats. Hence, it is quite possible for them to overshadow the other decor elements in the room. You should choose wing chairs in colours or patterns that sync with the look and feel of the room.


Design by Rohit Bhoite

The key is to play with the decor elements, colours and patterns of a room. But do make sure you stay away from all sorts of decor chaos!

Decorate those awkward empty spaces

We understand that an empty space can be difficult to furnish. But not in this case. A single wing chair can enamour forever – irrespective of its location. Whether it is the foyer area, the fireplace or under the staircase – a wing chair will always look beautiful.

This classic piece of furniture demands attention. If it’s placed near the main door, the wing chair gets converted into a waiting/sitting area. Who said it is difficult to decorate those “awkward empty spaces”!

Over to you

Wing chairs epitomize the “cultivated life”. They act as a bridge between modern and traditional elements of a home. Do you know the basic rules on sprucing up your home with wing chairs? If you do, make sure you have at least one for your humble abode.

Wing chairs are flexible in use and a great addition to a house. What do you think? Here’s an exhaustive collection of luxury furniture and interior designs for you. Do have a look and share your feedback!

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