Your dream home could be anything. A feeling. An experience. A world of endless possibilities.

Your home is that one place you always come back to – no matter what! Homeowners of today don’t see a home as a “shelter” anymore but an extension of their personality.

In this age and time, quality is the defining factor in a fashionable, stylish life, which is where Mansionly steps into the picture – to help you transform your home into your dream destination and create a retreat that is full of warmth and ambience.

After all – one doesn’t usually get his or her home interiors designed every now and then!

What is Mansionly?

Mansionly is a platform that provides interior design and décor solutions on a global platform. It caters to a range of clientele – giving them the access to the world of design by introducing them to designers, bespoke manufacturers, artisans and exquisite furniture, decor and art.

Mansionly is a one-stop shop for homeowners, renowned interior designers and globally reputed interior, decor and lifestyle brands who come together to form a state-of-the-art community that welcomes fine living.

How is Mansionly different?

Crème de la crème interior designers, an exhaustive collection of premium furniture and décor brands and handpicked local execution partners – a homeowner can get all the help that he or she needs to design and decorate a house from scratch or to simply revamp it.

Why do homeowners love Mansionly?

Working with a professional designer turns inspiration into reality for any homeowner. Mansionly doesn’t just believe in this but also makes sure that you – the homeowner – gets to experience it. Mansionly takes pride in providing you these four services:

1) Tailored roadmap

Every homeowner has a different vision about how his or her home should be. Mansionly understands this and makes sure that its team of interior designers spends time with you to understand your preferences and requirements, and everything else that goes into converting those four walls into a home.

2) Premium designers and catalog

It is everyone’s dream of living in a home that has been decorated by a world-class interior designer. This wish of yours can come true at Mansionly. It not only connects you with interior designers but also offers a global assortment of furniture and decor to match your discerning taste in decor.


3) Smooth process, better results

Designing a house is a stressful process. As a homeowner, you are bound to be constantly worried about the progress of your dream project. But not if you have partnered with Mansionly. Did you know that apart from an interior designer, you also get a project manager to be with you at every step – starting from the conception of your dream house to its completion?

Mansionly believes in maintaining utmost transparency with its clients which means you will always be kept updated about the progress of your project. After all – it is your home and Mansionly wants you to have exactly what you want.

4) Full support system

Mansionly is a global company based out of Singapore, Indonesia, Austria and India. Our team comprises leading designers, techies, execution partners, technology experts and management professionals. You basically get all the help you require to convert that house into a dream destination.

You also get access to custom dashboards that show you real-time project status and updates. Mansionly is committed to ensuring 100% transparency in the work it does for its clients.

Get inspired by Mansionly

Mansionly runs an online magazine that boasts of the latest tips and tricks related to global designs and décor. If you are just looking to get inspired to do up your home, feel free to hop onto the magazine section to read interesting content every week!

But before you redecorate your home, it is important to get inspired, right?

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