Whether you live in an opulent mansion or a comfortable house in a skyscraper in your city, one can never really have “too much space”. The more square footage you have to store things, the more stuff you would want to buy for your house – which will leave with lesser space!

The storage issue is a vicious circle, and home owners do invariably get trapped in it. And if you are a hoarder by nature, then you are in serious trouble. Cluttering homely spaces considerably bring down the glamour quotient of the house, and that’s just not right.

Tell us – do you really want that for your humble abode? We don’t think so.

The worst part is you just can’t win if you don’t add a dose of creativity in the entire “stacking-decorating” process. Don’t worry – Mansionly is happy to share a few storage secrets with you to make your job a tad simpler.

Let’s take a look:

1) Your cooking spot – Kitchen

Please nod your head if you agree kitchens can get really cluttered – irrespective of how clean you keep it! So, a simple way to eliminate the storage problem in the kitchen is by installing lots of cabinets – especially above the cooking area. You can even opt for wall shelves – they can be installed anywhere, and they also look really cool!




What’s your say here?

2) Your private space – Bathroom

Just like a kitchen, bathrooms too tend to get extremely cluttered over a period of time. While it is important to keep de-cluttering them at every chance you get, it is also necessary for you to make some practical decor arrangements.

For instance, you can place a cabinet for your medicines or utilities right beside the mirror or behind it. You may add a chest of drawers to the bathroom to stack your fresh towels and laundry. You can even keep your emergency kit and other toiletries in the drawers.


All the essentials can fit in one single storage unit in an aesthetic and neat manner. What do you think?

3) Your walls can be decorative too

Wall-hung storage solutions are not only smart and practical but also decorative if the visual impact of the storage containers is minimized. If you don’t have much space on the ground, hang your planters up in the air. The overall presentation looks chic.


Also, why don’t you extend an open shelving unit up to the ceiling to make the maximum use of this piece of furniture. This way, you will get to store more things but by using the same amount of space as before.

4) Look under the stairs

Why? Because there is a secret but neglected space that you can put to use too. Most of the time, this particular area goes to waste. Home owners don’t venture into decorating the under-the-staircase space simply out of the fear of “cluttering” – although they must if storage is a serious issue.


Use the area to place your big pots and planters, a chest of drawers, a study desk, a small sofa, etc. Decorate it just like any other living area. There is another kind of stair stash and that doesn’t block the floor space. Utilize this space to hang pretty wall art, photo frames and mirrors.


There are so many ways to beautify this space! Do you agree with us?

5) Resort to space saving furniture

Get a bed with drawers for your room. You can store your magazines, movie collection, clothing and even shoes!   is into curating beautiful storage-friendly furniture solutions from all over the world. A fold-down desk also serves its purpose. If you work remotely, then these desks are not a bad idea! All you need is a chair but you can also use your bed to sit.


What are your thoughts on such furniture solutions?

Space saving furniture may not be everyone’s cup of tea – but if you are looking to expand your home, only from a design perspective, without making architectural changes – then such furniture solutions do come in handy.



What do you think of these tips? What solutions do you come up with when you switch on your “storage genius” mode? Do share your hacks and inspirations with us!

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Asavari is a Features Writer at Mansionly.

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