There is no meaning to life without colors. As cliché as it sounds, it is true. The same applies in the home décor segment. It is a field that thrives on the magic of different hues and tones. House decorating ideas are incomplete without colors.

Whether you are a décor aficionado or an interior design expert, the beginning of each year holds a lot of promise. You are often found buried in décor magazines or skimming through online publications to learn about the latest color trend of the season, and to think of ways to use them for your homes or clients.

After all – colors in décor are all about not only creating a memorable first impression in front of guests or visitors but also changing the feel and mood of the spaces. Therefore, you have to put in extra hard work to ensure you take the right pick!

Now that we are almost halfway through the year, it gives us a brilliant opportunity to do a round-up of the color trends that are real MVPs so far in 2017.

Here are Mansionly’s six best picks:

1. Greenery

When Pantone Color Institute picked Greenery as the Color of the Year for 2017, the color was met with open arms. Greenery symbolizes life, rejuvenation and prosperity. And after the political and social upheavals witnessed last year, this life-affirming hue was like a breath of fresh air!

Speaking of décor, this color can bring an entire feature wall to life. Sprucing up the space with Greenery-kissed furniture won’t be a bad choice either. The key is to use it moderately. A big quality about Greenery is that it is bright and cheerful.

It is sophisticated but not too serious. There are lesser chances of playing wrong with this Pantone selection!




2. Mushroom

Yup – Mushroom is not just a vegetable anymore. It is a color that has started to make waves in the décor industry since early this year. Mushroom is a neutral shade of beige with exudes composure and serenity. Paint your room’s doors with it or place a Mushroom-colored rug on the floor – it will assist you in creating a Zen-like getaway.

Mushroom complements brighter colors such as fuchsia pink or green apples. Don’t let those spaces become too dull! What do you think?


3. Millennial Pink

Pink is not just a color, it is a feeling; and pink never stops trending! As of 2017, Millennial Pink seems to be making the rounds – not only at fashion shows but also in homes. Also known by the name of Windsor Pink, this color is a perfect infusion of peach and salmon.

Since it’s a neutral hue, it should be paired with brighter or darker tones for the right impression. In the picture shared below, Millennial Pink bodes well with shades of grays. It just balances out. You’ll see!


4. Mineral Gray

Gray, as an individual pigment, can be quite jarring to the eyes. It is seen as a very crude color and is predominately paired with variations of white. But Mineral Gray is its refined version. It instantly softens up the entire décor and makes the spaces look more sophisticated.

Who knew gray would grace an entire wall in a bedroom?! But here it is – creating a grand, one-of-a-kind statement! Got anymore such quirky house decorating ideas?


5. Warm Rust

Orange is a bright and cheerful color. But it has limited appeal. Too much of orange in a particular space can completely jack up the overall look ‘n’ feel. But not Warm Rust. It is neither too bright nor too chaotic. It is almost vintage but carries hints of modernity.

In short, Warm Rust is a hot pick in homes today. It looks hot, but isn’t spicy. It stands out, but isn’t jarring. It won’t hurt to you add a bit of chutzpah in your homely spaces with Warm Rust. Inspired already?


6. Grandfather Clock Brown

Playing with brown is risky. Too much of it can make a space look dreary and dull. Too less of it can make the space look incomplete. In short, it is important to find balance in the décor spectrum when the color you choose to play with is brown.

However, Grandfather Clock Brown is a shade that is slowly changing the perception of its ancestry in homes and otherwise. We first came across this color on Benjamin Moore, an America-based paint company, and let’s say we were quite impressed!

benjamin moore


It was refreshing to see this color on an entire feature wall. But if you see the picture shared below, Grandfather Clock Brown is a hit in the furniture segment too. Since it is a warmer shade of brown, it just adds a comforting feel to the homely spaces. Your take?


Don’t you think it is easy to be obsessed with them well into 2017? What is your favorite color trend?

Posted by:Asavari Sharma

Asavari is a Features Writer at Mansionly.

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