In summer there is nothing better than a good open-air party – on your rooftop terrace or in a garden. If you are planning for something like this, well, you are reading the right blog. Most Garden parties are all about family gathering, entertaining friends, and escaping from your typical daily routine. Any rules to follow? Not really. When it comes to outdoor dining, anything goes.

But to capture an easygoing escape-to-the-weekend-home feeling, make an attempt to separate yourself from your daily routine. Start by setting the table and chairs on the lawn and away from your home, which will create a dining experience that is unique and unexpected. Bring laid-back elegance to your backyard gathering with inspired centerpiece decorations, cocktails and party food. A long table and benches under leafy trees are the perfect spot for a convivial evening, set in scene with hanging lights.

All this, topped with delicious food and drinks: freshly made cocktails to kick off the evening, refreshing starters, crunchy salads, and sweet tidbits and fresh fruits to round it up with a good cup of strong espresso. The setting, the décor, the food, the music, all put together will make your garden party an unforgettable experience – it will remain in your loved ones’ memory filled with the good laughs, good food and a magical atmosphere. The only question asked would be – When is the next garden party?

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